Next Steps 

The decision to terminate a pregnancy for whatever reason is difficult.  Having to move through the journey of termination causes great stress emotionally and physically.  Recovering from a terminated pregnancy can be a complex process; much nurturing is necessary.  Meredith takes great care to provide a safe and sacred space of comfort, non-judgement and support.  Meredith will help your body recuperate while offering compassionate encouragement to your mind and spirit.

Post procedural massage and gentle abdominal work will help with stiffness, structural realignment, improve muscle tone and re-educate the position of the uterus and pelvis. Gently manipulating the uterus will aid in flushing any stagnant old blood and encouraging a regular menstrual cycle.  Therapeutic touch is also very relaxing and stress reducing and will facilitate a sense of calm and peacefulness.

Please seek your Doctor's approval and clearance prior to beginning recovery care.


The first step is a 90 minute consultation necessary prior to beginning Post Op care sessions that will include a comprehensive health history, outline of care and evaluation of present pelvis mobility and position of organs following your termination.  Other appropriate manual modalities may be incorporated to promote healing and restoration.  Together we discuss and will outline a wellness plan of sessions for an optimal and satisfactory outcome.  

The consultation fee is $150.00 payable by cash or check (sorry no credit cards)  

The therapy fee is $125.00 per session.