Happy Thanksgiving 2015

This is my very first blog entry....ever !  I do love to write and there will be much more to come.  As I sit and reflect upon my abundant blessings, gratitude and humble thanks for so many things, I can't help but remember the joy and excitement I felt getting a positive pregnancy result on Thanksgiving Day 2012 after a rather rocky road to achieving a pregnancy.  This pregnancy would be our second loss only a week later.  Ultimately, it was a blessing and in the weeks to come I will share why.  Even in the depths of darkness and devastation, a quiet hand is at hand with a plan.  Having faith, belief in yourself and the sheer will to soldier on challenges the best of us.  But we do it and there will always be someone who is inspired or motivated by your story.  You never know who you are helping with your life experience.  I am going to start with my story and let you know why Mercier Therapy and the Shared Journey Fertility Program holds a special place in my heart.  Stay tuned.