Top 5 Conditions Mercier Therapy Can Help With

Mercier Therapy is a powerful treatment approach for a myriad of pelvic conditions.  Below, I have notated the top 5 reasons a woman might seek the healing benefits of Mercier Therapy:

1. INFERTILITY : Why a woman is struggling to conceive is often very much a mystery.  Everything can appear normal, be functioning normally and yet nothing is happening.  Mercier Therapy stimulates blood flow and circulation to the ovaries and uterus.  The reproductive organs could quite possibly be mal-positioned, lacking adequate blood nourishment or have pelvic adhesions creating obstruction.  The fallopian tubes may need some blood flushing or the ligaments in the pelvic could be short, tight or out of balance preventing optimal function of the reproductive system.  Mercier Therapy helps to facilitate the best function of the uterus and ovaries.

2. ENDOMETRIOSIS:  A woman suffering from Endometriosis (tissue that grows or transplants itself outside of the uterus on other structures of the body) often experiences terrible pain and discomfort especially around her menstrual cycle.   This can cause painful adhesions, scar tissue and a number of other issues that can affect a woman's quality of life especially if she is trying to conceive.  Mercier Therapy breaks down these adhesions, reduces scar tissue and creates fresh blood flow to the uterus and ovaries thus greatly reducing discomfort and keep her pelvis free flowing and balanced.

3.  PCOS: This condition is rather dynamic with many factors involved.  Mercier Therapy helps to break downs cysts on the ovaries, scar tissue or adhesions around the ovaries and increase circulation to the ovaries, uterus and surrounding structures.

4.  ANNOVULATION:  This issues involves the absence of ovulation.  Mercier Therapy stimulates the ovaries, increase the circulation to these organs "waking them up" and bringing them back into balance and proper positioning.

5.  AMMENORRHEA/DYSMENORREHA:  This condition involves either the lack of a period (amenorrhea) or a painful period (dysmenorrhea).  Mercier Therapy helps to mobilize the uterus, stimulate the endometrial tissue and move fresh blood flow to the uterus.  Actively working on the ovaries stimulates these organs to get their function moving and flowing.  A painful period could mean a uterus is working very hard to expel menstrual blood and needs some mobilization. It could mean the uterus has tension and is not receiving adequate blood flow; there could be cysts. The position of the uterus may not be optimal; Mercier Therapy helps to soften the tissue, encourage new blood to nourish the reproductive organs and ultimately bring harmony to the pelvis.

Mercier Therapy is a fantastic natural option and treatment to conventional medicinal methods that involve drugs and their side effects, needles, excessive co-pays and multiple trips to the clinic !