TOP 5 Reasons to use Mercier Therapy

Mercier Therapy is a very unique and beneficial therapy whether you have a fertility issue or pelvic dysfunction (pain, trauma, pathology, etc.)

Recently I was asked what my top five reasons for having Mercier Therapy would be.  Here they are :

1.  Mercier Therapy is NATURAL.  No drugs, no needles, no compromise to the integrity of the body or reproductive organs.  Mercier Therapy is a gentle and practical external manipulation of the ovaries and uterus that restores mobility and blood flow to the reproductive organs thus optimizing their function.

2.  Mercier Therapy is EFFECTIVE.  Mercier Therapy has proven results in achieving conception, reduction of pain due to scar tissue and adhesion, endometriosis, PCOS, sexual trauma and much more.  The protocol requires 6 hours of pelvic work (once a week for 6 weeks) so therapy is brief and very efficient !

3. Mercier Therapy is SAFE.  Mercier Therapy has little to no side effects!  A little tenderness may result otherwise this work is completely non invasive to the patient.

4.  Mercier Therapy is GENTLE.  Mercier Therapy is a slow and methodical manipulation of the uterus, ovaries and surrounding structures of the pelvis.  

5.  Mercier Therapy is AFFORDABLE.  Whether pursuing the Shared Journey Fertility Program or the Visceral Manipulation Program, Mercier Therapy is a fraction of the cost of IUI, IVF and visits to a clinic that may involve large out of pocket expense, co-pays, medications and/or time off from work. 

Mercier Therapy is truly a wholesome and logical approach to fertility and pelvic pain.