Food Matters

A beautiful bounty of fresh vegetables, cheese and fruit !

A beautiful bounty of fresh vegetables, cheese and fruit !

Food Matters  !  What you put into your body is critical for you overall health, vitality and well being.  The proper foods are medicinal and strengthen your immune system, are healing for an imbalance in the body and the right nutrients can be curative of a particular ailment or condition.

Preparing your body for a healthy pregnancy involves choosing optimal nutrients for proper hormone balance, digestive function and cellular activity.

Here are the top ten things I recommend for readying your body for conception:

1.  Avoid refined sugar and flour as much as possible !  Sugar is highly addictive, wreaks havoc on the immune system, upsets hormonal balance, causes inflammation, fluid retention and can have a toxic effect on the liver.  Most foods containing refined sugar and flour are processed and full of additive and preservatives.  Ditch the fake sugars (Splenda, Aspartame, Equal, etc, diet soda and fruit juice as well.

2. No brainer here - Choose fresh, organic fruit and vegetables whenever possible.  Chem trails are increasing and so is the pesticides, insecticides and herbicides coating our produce.  These toxic villains affect hormonal balance and are just plain noxious to the human body.

3. Choose full fat organic dairy.  Estrogen and progesterone bind to the fat globules.  When the fat is stripped away, androgens, prolactins and male hormones are left that can affect ovulation.  Soft cheeses are off limits as they are often unpasteurized.

4.  Choose free range, organic, grass fed organic meat, poultry and eggs.  This industry is notorious for pumping their animals full of growth hormone, corn (not proper feed) and antibiotics creating sick animals really...this can affect the hormone balance of the body as well.

5. Avoid processed soy...this includes soy milk, chips, burgers, etc.  Soy has estrogen mimicking properties that can affect hormonal balance.  Unfermented soy such as miso and temph are ok.  Those that suffer from hypothyroidism should avoid soy completely.

6. Healthy fats are very important to the metabolic activity and hormonal processes of the body.  Olive oil, avocado, hemp, grass fed butter, coconut oil, almonds, walnuts and raw cacao are wonderful and nourishing fats.

7.  Cold water fish are excellent sources of protein, Vitamin A and minimal fat.  These include wild Alaskan Cod, Halibut and Salmon.  Avoid farm raised fish as they can contain antibiotics and toxic dyes.  Tuna is ok in small amounts; mindfulness of mercury consumption is important.

8.  Minimal coffee - a cup a day is A-ok providing your mug is not the size of a small bucket.  Caffeine can be dehydrating and drying especially to important fluids necessary for conception.  Herbal teas are ultimately a better choice if you can break up with your cup of Joe.  If you need to add a sweetener, organic raw honey in small amounts is ok.

9.  Eliminate alcohol.  It's a bad idea when trying to conceive. Avoid it all together !

10.  Clean, fresh water and lots of it !  Keeping your self well hydrated will keep tissues moist and moving your metabolism along. The most optimal thing to do is to get a water filter and keep a daily fill in a BPA free container.  If buying bottled water, choose VOSS or something else in glass.  The plastics can contain chemicals which are unfavorable to ingest.  Tap water should be avoided due to any contamination from the soil.

Remember, a body sustained with healthy nutrients will optimize fertility.  You truly are what you eat so be mindful of your choices !  Of course indulging occasionally is ok but building a solid food foundation of good choices on a daily basis is paramount for a strong and vigorous baby body!