Mercier Therapy Meets Newport Hospital

I presented Mercier Therapy to the OB/GYN team on Monday, February 1st and was well received with interest and inquiry by the group.  I was understandably ecstatic because this is a really great opportunity to blend our unique and special talents to maximize healing and caregiving to our patients.  I was thrilled to have Newport Hospital pick me up on Twitter and re tweeted my announcement tweet to their followers.  Expanding the awareness that Mercier Therapy is available - is a wonderful asset to healthcare in our Aquidneck Island community!                          

I am really looking forward to developing our professional relationship.  This work will be particularly helpful for doctors to offer when assisting a patient suffering from pelvic pain.  Medication can be helpful but often with unpleasant side effects.  Additionally, medication can not physically mobilize the uterus or the ovaries to restore blood flow and circulation so frequently Mercier Therapy is the missing piece that pulls the whole puzzle together !  I am also looking forward to further expanding our fertility program to the Drs.' knowledge base.                                                          

Dr. Mercier's impressive case study indicating an 83% pregnancy success rate (see link: within one year of finishing the program offers a new ray of hope for women and couples struggling to conceive. I feel this is going to be a wonderful collaboration and am just so delighted to implement a strong presence here on the island!