Let Go for Flow

Let go.  Those two words can pack some power.  Let go takes on a whole new meaning especially if you're a woman/couple with a fertility struggle.  Let Go like it's no big deal.  Let go like its as natural as breathing.  Let go can seem like one of the most shallow, inconsequential and quite frankly, downright hurtful things to say to a family member or friend in a conception crisis.  Because unless they have been there, have no idea what they are talking about.  It's like nails on a chalkboard grating on your soul.  This unsolicited advice is well intended but so casually delivered like you can just blink your eyes and poof, you've LET GO and all is well. Nope.                  

That assuredly, will have an adverse effect leaving the person clinging tighter than ever before, likely out of sheer defiance and stubbornness.  I remember well, when my husband and I had medical trauma around my first miscarriage and hearing, "Let Go you'll be fine".  FINE ?!?       What "Let Go" meant to me was, if I "let go", it's never coming back.  Like that lovely helium balloon we all experienced as a child.  Don't go outside with it ! You'll never see it again if you Let Go.  If I "Let Go" of the what if, the fear, the angst I experienced month after month I was letting go of control. Oh Boy.  So that can only mean one thing to replace it with: FAITH.

Let Go has an emotional charge to it when speaking with my fertility clients.  We go over this because those two words are heard so often.  How I approach it is with a straw (preferably Starbucks ha ha) and I take it in my hand and squeeze it.  "Can anything pass thru it?" I ask.  Of course not is the answer.  Well, that is what Let Go really means.  If you want life force to flow , you must let go.   To Let Go does NOT mean you are giving up.  It means you are surrendering with grace to the power of nature to do it's job.  By allowing yourself to Let Go, you are opening yourself to RECEIVE.  Embrace yourself with love and light, take a big breath, exhale and LET GO.