Embracing Your Inner Goddess

Women are beautiful complex creatures.  The Divine Feminine or Inner Goddess is often lost or overlooked when in pursuit of conceiving a child especially in one who has been struggling for quite sometime.   A woman can unintentionally abandon herself in the acute focus of becoming pregnant.  I remember when I was journeying thru my fertility path that I was completely unaware of how disconnected I had become with my "womanhood" so to speak.  I was hyper focused on the calendar, my temperature, the ovulation window and the two week wait.  Experiencing failure month after month hits the self esteem hard.  It's difficult to feel sexy or alluring when you feel so dejected getting your undesired cycle month after month.  Women who are pursuing ART cycles are particularly vulnerable because fertility medication can really take the hormones on tour.   I wasn't stopping to embrace my Divine Feminine or Inner Goddess let alone prioritize her !  So ladies, let's get back to basics.  Every day, take an action that is nurturing for your self - whether it's applying a wonderfully fragrant body oil, sitting in meditation energizing your soul, savoring a delicious tea or choosing an empowering mantra that will ignite that special spark within you that makes you female.  Get a facial, a pedicure or a fabulous new date night outfit right after you hit Victoria's Secret.  Stop and appreciate yourself.  Take a good long look in the mirror and smile at the beauty look ing back declare your radiance !  Buy yourself flowers. Get ultra conscious, uber present and LOVE that you are loving on yourself.  Book a massage, get your hair highlighted, buy the pricey smelly good shampoo or get some new makeup.  Yoga is a fantastic practice to breathe, unplug and elongate your body.  Remember you are a woman FIRST.  Nurture her, love her, invest in her.  Being in true touch with your Inner Goddess will lead to more sensual flow, organic intimacy and divine alignment.