Conscious Consumption - A few favorites

Not long ago I wrote a blog on the importance of nutritional choices we make to nourish our insides and promote a healthy mind, body and spirit.  When preparing for a pregnancy, food choices are particularly paramount. I have lately discovered and enjoyed a number of natural food finds that I am sharing because sharing is caring !

The Power of Juice:

Chef Brigid Rafferty hand crafts these incredible cold pressed organically sourced juices, nut milks, pestos and puddings right in Middletown, RI.  Her shop is located on Aquidneck Ave in Middletown or you can find her at the local Farmer's Market.  For those over in South County, a juice shop opened in Wakefield at ALL THAT MATTERS.  I am personally addicted to the Protein Nut Milk! They are delicious, refreshing and have numerous nutritional benefits.


Lynn Goodwin of Newport, RI has found her passion in making the most delicious spread from the butter of pure grass fed cows.  These cows are nourished by nature, seasonally fed and are touted as "Happy Cows on Grass".  An ancient Ayurvedic staple in cooking and medicine, Ghee can be used anywhere you would use oil (such as olive or coconut) or in place of butter.  Ghee is a nourishing oil and is healing for both the mind and digestive system.


Jessica Filkins began making Jahmu after realizing its health benefits during her travels in Indonesia.  Jamu is a traditional Indonesian herbal medicine made from turmeric, ginger, nutmeg and other herbs used to maintain good health as well as prevent disease.  It is a wonderful beverage to combat inflammation and promote healthy digestion.  I personally love it in steamed coconut milk ! 


Kaylyn Keane uses local product and naturally occurring wild yeast to product healthy and live cultured foods.  Fermented foods are full of natural probiotics that will nourish your body and promote nutritional well-being.  Lost Art products are raw, never heated and full of beneficial live cultures.  I love the Kraut Chi !

I highly recommend all of these goodies; I have incorporated all of them into my diet.  I especially appreciate that all of the above are hand crafted, made with love and consciousness and are supremely good for you !  

Enjoy !