25 Fast Facts and Random Interesting Info

Welcome Summer !  I hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather, beautiful sunsets and all that summer brings.  This blog contains a random mix of facts and interesting info for reproductive health and overall well being.  Enjoy !

Did you know ......

1. An ideal TSH for conception is 1.8

2. There is a correlation between Candida and Anxiety 

3. PCOS is also known as Stein-Leventhal Syndrome

4. Hormone production is affected by stress, infection or changes in body chemistry

5. Accuracy for best test results for your LH surge is between 12-2 p.m. because the pituitary needs the light.

6. Rehmannia is said to be the "mother of herbs" for adrenal support

7.  Vitamin D is supportive of immune and egg health

8. DHEA maintains the integrity of vaginal mucus.  Herb Tribulus improves DHEA production

9.  Blood building foods to fight anemia include Kale, Figs, Beets, Parsley, Spinach

10.  An anteverted uterus can contribute to incontinence

11. All disease is said to begin in the gut

12.  Hormones are measured in nanograms and picograms

13. Thyroid is the only production site for T4

14. Progesterone dominates the luteal phase

15. Eating two brazil nuts per day will supply you with RDA of selenium

16. Vitamin D deficiency is especially common in women with PCOS

17. Miscarriages are very common in women with untreated celiac disease

18.  CoQ10 can help improve egg quality

19.  Iodine is needed for every cell in the body and is important for ovarian cysts and hormone production

20. A minimum of 22% body fat is necessary for normal ovulation and conception

21. Coffee is drying to cervical mucus 

22. The highest chance of conception occurs 1-2 days prior to ovulation

23.  An STI can affect your fertility regardless of your age

24. The normal range for a basal temperature test is 97.8-98.2

25. The largest cell in the human body is the female egg (ovum) and the smallest is the male sperm