Holistic Fertility

An IUI or IVF cycle can be very costly, rigorous and physically tiring.  The myriad of appointments, injections, medications (to name a few) can be overwhelming and isolating.  Many times you’ll need to endure more than one IVF cycle to achieve a pregnancy. Therefore taking preparatory time to ready your body, mind and spirit will encourage the likelihood of a successful transfer.  Meredith offers continuous support, coaching, counseling and encouragement as you journey through your experience.

Following your consultation, your therapy preparation is started and finished prior to the stimulation portion of a medically assisted cycle.   No work will be done during stim because it could disrupt the process and over stimulate the ovaries causing your cycle to be cancelled. Therefore, making your appointment well in advance of your cycle start is advised. 

Our goal is to help you physically and emotionally so you will enter your cycle with healthy pelvic organs and a peaceful mind. Meredith will help you create a healthy environment within your pelvis to promote a successful first IVF cycle. 

You are encouraged to become educated, explore and better understand your own body’s rhythms prior to going through an IVF cycle.  Building a solid foundation is a healthy non-invasive solution to many fertility problems.

Working with an excellent Reproductive Endocrinologist is paramount.  Meredith frequently refers clients to Dr. Pei Li Huang of Fertility Solutions for her outstanding success rates, wonderful compassion and true caregiving she gives her patients.