At Deeper Dive Wellness, we explore many different avenues toward wellness, dependent upon your individual needs.  Our approach, first and foremost is holistic in nature taking into consideration the varied platforms of your health that are specific to you body and lifestyle.  

Mercier Therapy - was created by Dr. Jennifer Mercier.  Mercier Therapy provides a safe, gentle, and naturally minded pelvic visceral manipulative technique for women facing fertility challenges, experiencing pelvic pain, recovering from gynecologic surgery and having undergone traumatic birthing experiences. 

Specifically, Mercier Therapy is a deep, pelvic organ visceral manipulation technique in which the reproductive organs are mobilized and blood flow is restored; organ restrictions are relieved and movement is replenished throughout organs and surrounding structures to enhance their natural and optimal function.  

The goal of Mercier Therapy pelvic work is to decrease adhesions in and around organs, ligaments, muscles, joints and support structures of the pelvis, abdomen, hips and low back.  

Meredith will assess, evaluate and determine whether or not this technique is suitable for you.


Poor/Low Ovarian Reserve/High FSH
Secondary fertility issues such as c-section scar tissue
Uterine Fibroids
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Pelvical Surgical Scar Tissue
Pelvic or hip injury
Sexual Function

Holistic Fertility