Meredith Martin

Meredith is a life long advocate of holistic healthcare and devoted to a wholesome lifestyle. Following a BA in Psychology from Rhode Island College, Meredith pursued therapeutic massage and graduated from Dovestar Holistic Technology Institute in 2001 and was open for business that same year.

Meredith is skilled in a number of healing modalities and particularly enjoys incorporating these into her fertility cases and visceral work for pelvic pain.  Meredith is proficient in numerous visceral and therapeutic massage modalities,  Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques from the Freedom of Pain Institute and is also attuned to Level II Reiki.  Meredith became certified in Mercier Therapy in 2014.

Meredith's utmost priority is to listen, emotionally support and address the physical needs of the client in a friendly, peaceful and professional atmosphere.  Deeper Dive Wellness includes many branches client care.  Meredith creates a partnership relationship of healing with her clients; diving deeper, exploring further and digging farther into root causes of pain, infertility,  imbalances and supporting the client to achieve the desired goals of what health, happiness and well being means to him/her.  

Meredith's goal is to serve women of all ages—from teens to those going through menopause—who are searching for an effective and organic approach to a multitude of pelvic issues.  

Meredith is particularly passionate about Fertility care and wellness after her own challenging journey to a healthy pregnancy.

In addition to being a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner with the Nutritional Therapy Association, Meredith studies Herbal Medicine under Dr. Aviva Romm and belongs to Functional Medical University.                                                          

Furthermore, Meredith has attended educational seminars for Female Reproduction,  Adrenal and Thyroid Health under Dr. Ronda Nelson, ND, MH and numerous webinars on Reproductive Health, hormones and holistic restoration of the body.

Additionally, Meredith has competed as a NPC figure athlete, is enthusiastic about healthy living, heated power yoga, loves research, holistic nutrition and is a proud Mom of two lively boys.

Rhode Island License #MT 000826
Member AAFCP
Member: ABMP
Member: Functional Medicine University