What clients have to say...

Kate McH, age 32 ~ Primary Fertility Challenge

I came to Meredith after trying to conceive for 3 years with the goal of natural pregnancy.

I had tried everything on my own, had a “ natural fertility nutrition consult”, series of acupuncture with herbal treatments, fertility coaching and medical fertility clinic testing. Only diagnosed with  the classic “unexplained infertility”.  She provided me with a non-judgemental, calm, peaceful, inviting space. Helped me to navigate and really individualize lifestyle and nutritional needs.  Along with supporting and nurturing mental and spiritual health (very under appreciated in many other areas!)After going through a hysteroscopy to have 2 fibroids removed, I visited her for a second time and round of reproductive organ massage. She also helped guide my decision to follow a recommendation from my doctor on taking a course of antibiotics for possible endometritis. 

Not long after, I am over the moon excited, writing this at 3 weeks pregnant! 

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Meghan D, age 35 ~ Primary Fertility Challenge ~ IVF preparation

I was first referred to Mercier Therapy and Meredith Martin from a new acupuncturist I started seeing at the end of 2016, Dr. Christy Sica.  We had experienced an ectopic pregnancy in summer of 2015 and a number of failed IUI cycles summer of 2014.   We went through uterine septum surgery in fall 2014 to prepare for IVF as I had a uterine wall.  We wanted our first child at the time after 5 years of marriage and I did not want more waiting and thought IVF may be the way to go instead of more natural route. 

A friend encouraged me to try this therapy namely reminding me that as a giver, I needed to learn how to care for myself and receive before I could carry a child (Meredith also spoke to me about this).  I went to first appointment to see and immediately felt so cared for.  Talking to another person (not a shrink/therapist) who was going to be touching and restoring positive energy to my body in noninvasive way was new and VERY healing.  She could easily hold all my emotions.

As I write this, we are 6 months pregnant anticipating our beautiful miracle.  I met with Meredith monthly to "prepare my garden" for the fruit that was coming.  Following the ectopic surgery there was likely scar tissue that needed healing and emotionally I needed healing.  She remained hopeful throughout and I feel this journey helped heal me physically, psychologically, and spiritually.  She allowed and accepted all my emotions- anger, sadness, fear.  The physical work she did with Mercier therapy never hurt and I started experiencing more love, acceptance, and wonder at my own body.  She referred me to chiropractor (also very healing and natural) and new fertility practice.

We reviewed nutrition, supplements, books, articles and had splendid conversations about spirituality and miracles during and sometimes in between appointments. 

I always felt moved, supported and even felt like the work healed older childhood wounds.  Her care and this practice were a sacred healing gift that I attribute to my wellness, the wellness of our marriage, and our baby's soul joining us when we were ready.  Thank you Meredith for sharing your gift and for your loving care.

Marissa L., age 36 ~ Primary Fertility Challenge ~  IVF preparation

I found Meredith Martin in February 2017 while on a long and winding road toward having a baby.  After a couple of years of trying, losses and many doctors' appointments, I committed to the IVF path and discovered Mercier Therapy just as I was starting IVF treatment.  I wanted to give myself the best chance at IVF success and I'm so happy I decided to give Meredith and Mercier Therapy a shot.  Even though abdominal massage was uncomfortable at first, I became hooked because I felt progress in loosening and re-positioning my abdominal/uterine area and I grew confident that it would improve my chances of a successful IVF cycle.  And I believe it did - I'm not awaiting the debut of my first child !  If I decided I want a second, I would absolutely return to Meredith for therapy before considering IVF again.  The only bittersweet aspect to achieving my goal is that I miss seeing Meredith ! She gave me physical and emotional comfort, confidence and knowledge during our sessions.  Meredith still makes me feel like she's on this journey with me, checking in on me and encouraging me throughout my pregnancy.  I am so thankful I found her when I needed her the most.

Sarah M. age 38 ~ Secondary Fertility Challenge

I started seeing Meredith for Massage therapy a few years ago. I loved how knowledgeable she was and how deep she went with her massage. Fast forward to Fall 2017, trying to conceive for a second time after 6 years and having no luck but also being told by my Dr that they couldn’t find anything wrong with me. I knew I didn’t want to take medication but I also didn’t know what to do. Then I remembered Meredith had a fertility program and emailed her right away to see if she could help. I met with Meredith for six sessions of fertility massage along with supplement and dietary support. Low and behold just two months later not only was I pregnant, but with twins! After months of all-day sickness, and once I was able to basically stand upright again (twins will do that to you I have learned), I transitioned yet again to seeing Meredith for prenatal massage. And, once these girls are born, you can bet I will be right back on the table trying to get my body realigned and feeling good. Thank you Meredith for being my GO TO massage therapist and the one person I refer everyone I know to!  

Jennifer T., age 40 ~ Pelvic Health

I saw Meredith for six sessions to treat two small polyps I had along with heavy menses. Not only did my menses lessen, my PMS symptoms also improved along with an overall healthier cycle. My whole pelvic region went through a healing transformation that I could feel both physically and emotionally. An added bonus to all this was the boost it gave to my already satisfying sex life. Working with Meredith was such a positive healing experience. She is one of the most genuine, caring, supportive people I have ever encountered in my search for healing and on top of all that she is very effective at what she does. I whole heartedly recommend Meredith and Mercier Therapy to any woman who wants to connect to their inner wisdom and take back control of their reproductive health and well being.

Peace and love,


Johanna S., age 32 ~ Primary Fertility Challenge

Meredith Martin has her practice in Middletown and has been working on my reproductive organs to promote positive blood flow and to mobilize my uterine position.  My uterus is retroverted meaning tilting back!  She has interpreted my labs in a way that I can understand, not rushing me and helping me through natural vitamins and supplements to restore my body’s deficiencies so that I may finally celebrate a Mother's Day. In my sessions of treatment I already feel better. My uterus is not as tight, my period - that would not come, came full force and with ZERO pain. I always have to take Advil the first day and I can feel my ovaries moving and grooving getting ready for ovulation! What was a very isolating and hopeless trial has turned into a journey of hope for the future! I will always be grateful to Meredith for giving me the best chance possible to making a baby!

P.S. I feel my right ovary talking!

Kate L., age 38 ~ Stress Incontinence

Last year I visited Meredith for her Mercier Therapy treatment. I was having stress incontinence issues ever since having my son and nothing was helping. I had gone to my doctor who referred me to a pelvic PT specialist. I did go to a session for that and decided it wasn’t really for me. In passing I mentioned my struggles to Meredith before a massage appointment and she informed me about Mercier Therapy and it’s many benefits. It is an investment but Meredith was kind enough to spend the last portion of my massage doing a little bit of the Therapy to see if I saw any improvement at all. Any improvement would show that the full 6 sessions would be worth the investment and help with my problems. I had volleyball the evening after my massage and I did feel noticeable improvement! So I went for the 6 week session and afterwards I have had GREAT improvement. I used to be able to not play volleyball or do zumba (or run or cough or laugh or jump, etc) without major struggles and it started to affect my mental state when doing physical activities. I would go the bathroom between every game while playing volleyball and still had major struggles. After going through the Mercier Therapy, I can play volleyball without issue and months later I am still having great results. Thank you Meredith and Mercier Therapy!

Sherree, age 42 (not my patient but an inspiring testimonial)

My partner Matt and I had been struggling to conceive and after one year of trying, decided to go for IVF treatment. Despite having various tests and scans which showed that we were both fit and healthy with no serious fertility problems, we felt that we should go down the IVF route because of our age - in 2014 I was 42 and my partner was 49.  The gynecologist at the first clinic (in London, England) that we went to (which specializes in "natural" IVF) strongly believed that I would conceive naturally within a year without their assistance. 

We had two natural IVF cycles - first one led to a positive pregnancy test but I had an early miscarriage/chemical pregnancy. The second one was a negative pregnancy test. We were both devastated and I was so depressed, stressed and feeling extremely negative about everything!

We then decided to go for a third round of IVF and stupidly went to a different clinic in London and went for IVF treatment with the full drugs. Unfortunately, the cycle had to be abandoned as I didn't respond to the drugs. By this time I was at my lowest that I had ever been in my life.I had subscribed to a USA natural fertility website and received an email one day about Jennifer Mercier.  After looking at Jennifer's website and youtube videos, I emailed her to get some further information about the treatment.  Before even Jennifer I knew everything would be alright and my mindset completely changed after receiving her warm, kind and amusing emails.I tried acupuncture, hypnotherapy and visualization before Jennifer and nobody could get through to me and change my negative thoughts. 

After receiving Jennifer's emails ‎it all suddenly clicked - instead of feeling that I had a very very small chance of having a child, I felt so positive and happy and finally believed I had a big chance of becoming a mother. I think it also helped to speak to a therapist that had had some fertility problems.I decided to travel to Chicago and have the treatment with Jennifer even though there were Mercier therapists closer to home in Austria and Denmark.  Jennifer was so nice, friendly and warm and made me feel so comfortable.

After several weeks of being in England, my period still hadn't arrived and of course being me I assumed the worse!! I took a pregnancy test to rule out being pregnant and was stunned to get a positive test! 

I had a trouble free pregnancy and my sweet little boy called Nathan arrived on 18th May 2016 when I was aged 43 and 9 months. Nathan is gorgeous (although I am biased!) and is so calm and chilled out - he is such a joy.  AIso I have had a couple of scans‎ and I no longer have cysts floating around, inflexible/"sticky" ovaries or a retroverted uterus that I had before Jennifer's treatment!  I am also convinced that Jennifer's treatment assisted with the implantation and I am so glad that I traveled to the US - Jennifer was worth every penny/dollar :-)