Welcome to the shared passage of integrated healing and practical approach to the fundamental
human experience of natural creation. 

Meredith recognizes the highly sensitive emotional challenges that come with struggling to conceive, failed pregnancies and the need for more natural answers to such and intricate and delicate issue. Meredith's approach to Fertility and Reproductive Health is a dynamic and multi-faceted one.  Fertility struggles are terribly discouraging, emotionally agonizing, isolating and downright heart and soul defeating. 

At Deeper Dive Wellness, Meredith forms a healing partnership with you and will take a deeper dive exploring any and all possible obstacles that are potentially interfering with pregnancy.  Meredith invests heavily in the core health, spirit, happiness and emotional well-being of the client and utilizes the myriad of educational and therapeutic applications to promote and pursue conception or prepare the womb space for an IUI or embryo transfer.  These supportive and remedial modalities may include Myoskeletal Alignment, Therapeutic Massage, Myofascial work, Emotional/Spiritual Coaching, Mercier Therapy techniques, homeopathy,  herbs and/or nutritional suggestions.  Meredith has met great success with her clients using various methods ideally suited to the client's specific needs.

From a physical platform, balance and blood flow to the pelvis is necessary for prolific function of the reproductive carriage. Should tension, restriction and/or adhesion be suspected or detected, manipulating the reproductive organs to facilitate balance, freedom and optimal circulation is the common sense approach to naturally increasing the chance for conception while enhancing the vitality of those structures/body in general. 

Meredith Martin provides unlimited support, encouragement and availability during your passage to parenthood.  Every woman/couple is unique; each course of action is specifically tailored to the physical and emotional needs of the client and will be adjusted accordingly as time, progress and needs evolve.

Regardless of your choice to pursue conception naturally or medically assisted (IVF/IUI)  - you’ll always have support, guidance and advocacy.  


The first step is scheduling a consultation.  Approximately 2 - 2.5 hours in length, Meredith will take a comprehensive health intake including medical history, nutritional analysis, lifestyle, diet, stress management and physically assess/externally evaluate the position and mobility of the reproductive organs as well as hip and back mobility.  A tentative outline of care and goals are discussed. The consultation fee is $200.00 payable by cash or check.

You are never alone in this process….Meredith is always there to answer questions and walk with you through the entire process to a happy and healthy conception.