Meredith's approach to pelvic pain and disorder is comprehensive and multi-factorial.  Together we dive deeper into your health history and life experience history to explore possible contributing factors for pain and dis-ease in the reproductive carriage.  Some factors could include trauma, diet, lifestyle habit and relationships.  Meredith and client work together to address any and all layers that is affecting the quality of one's inner peace and well-being.  Meredith is skilled in a number of manual therapy skills and will continually assess, adjust modalities and modify her approach as necessary for a restorative outcome.  

From a physical platform, pelvic visceral manipulation is helpful for women who endure painful or irregular periods, have adhesions in their reproductive tract, suffer from dyspareunia (painful intercourse), incontinence, GI issues and reproductive disorders such as lack of menses/ovulation and sexual trauma.  Women transitioning into menopause benefit as well.  Meredith Martin recognizes the highly sensitive emotional challenges that come with chronic and persistent pain /disorder and seeks more natural answers to life impacting issue (s).

Organ position, mobility, scar tissue and adhesions affect the function of the uterus and ovaries as well as the bladder and colon.  Adhesions act like glue — disrupting the function of affected organs.  Visceral Manipulation involves gentle stretching to loosen tightened areas of soft tissue and is continued until the tension is released. The goal is to decrease adhesions in and around the organs, ligaments, muscles, joints and support structures of the pelvis, abdomen, hips and lower back.  Optimizing blood flow, movement and circulation to the uterus and ovaries benefits the performance and health to the whole pelvis.

Chronic pelvic pain can be debilitating and difficult to handle on a daily basis.   Lack of a regular menstrual cycle and ovulation can be frustrating and confusing.  Sexual trauma (abuse, infidelity, etc) can disconnect one from their feminine divine and/or leave negative feelings around that sacred space.  Meredith assists using a number of determined appropriate manual therapies that may include:  Mercier Therapy techniques, Myoskeletal alignment, therapeutic massage and muscle energy to gently restore one's connection to their pelvis and cultivate positive empowerment both physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Typically, pelvic pain can occur within the structures surrounding the female reproductive organs such as the urinary bladder, bowel, musculature, ligaments and bones. 
Also, pain could be coming from the reproductive organs themselves.
 This visceral manipulation technique is done externally through the abdomen
and requires NO
internal or vaginal work.


The first step is a 90 minute consultation necessary prior to beginning wellness sessions that will include a comprehensive health history, therapy objectives/goal outline and evaluation of pelvis mobility and position of organs.  We will explore the whole "you" suggesting modalities individual to you to facilitate optimal health and well being.  Other appropriate manual modalities may be incorporated to promote healing and restoration. Meredith and client will outline a wellness plan of sessions for an optimal outcome. Appropriate referral to a Uro/Gyn Physician can be given for further evaluation.                                                                                       

The consultation fee is $150.00 payable by cash or check (sorry no credit cards)

The therapy fee is $125.00 per session.

Patients may attempt to submit their own receipt for insurance re-imbursement as Deeper Dive Wellness is not a network provider. 
Cash or check is accepted upon receipt of service (sorry, no credit cards).



Fertility Struggle
GI Issues
                                    Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome                                             
Pelvic Scaring or adhesions from previous surgery (such as C-section)
Sexual Abuse trauma
Persistent pelvic pain
Sexual function
Pregnancy Termination
Appendicitis, gastritis, other abdominal inflammations                                


Abdominal or pelvic surgery
Back surgery
Endometriosis, sexually transmitted disease, IUD
Fall onto hip, buttocks, or tailbone
Hip surgery
Low back, hip, or leg pain
Pain or cramps in abdomen or groin
Pain with sitting or with sexual intercourse
Pelvic inflammatory disease, bladder or yeast infections
Physical trauma or vehicle accident
Physical or sexual abuse
Physical PMS symptoms, Vaginitis, cystitis, colitis, other pelvic inflammations