25 Fast Facts and Random Interesting Info

Welcome Summer !  I hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather, beautiful sunsets and all that summer brings.  This blog contains a random mix of facts and interesting info for reproductive health and overall well being.  Enjoy !

Did you know ......

1. An ideal TSH for conception is 1.8

2. There is a correlation between Candida and Anxiety 

3. PCOS is also known as Stein-Leventhal Syndrome

4. Hormone production is affected by stress, infection or changes in body chemistry

5. Accuracy for best test results for your LH surge is between 12-2 p.m. because the pituitary needs the light.

6. Rehmannia is said to be the "mother of herbs" for adrenal support

7.  Vitamin D is supportive of immune and egg health

8. DHEA maintains the integrity of vaginal mucus.  Herb Tribulus improves DHEA production

9.  Blood building foods to fight anemia include Kale, Figs, Beets, Parsley, Spinach

10.  An anteverted uterus can contribute to incontinence

11. All disease is said to begin in the gut

12.  Hormones are measured in nanograms and picograms

13. Thyroid is the only production site for T4

14. Progesterone dominates the luteal phase

15. Eating two brazil nuts per day will supply you with RDA of selenium

16. Vitamin D deficiency is especially common in women with PCOS

17. Miscarriages are very common in women with untreated celiac disease

18.  CoQ10 can help improve egg quality

19.  Iodine is needed for every cell in the body and is important for ovarian cysts and hormone production

20. A minimum of 22% body fat is necessary for normal ovulation and conception

21. Coffee is drying to cervical mucus 

22. The highest chance of conception occurs 1-2 days prior to ovulation

23.  An STI can affect your fertility regardless of your age

24. The normal range for a basal temperature test is 97.8-98.2

25. The largest cell in the human body is the female egg (ovum) and the smallest is the male sperm

Keeping Hormonal Balance in Check

Sun Salutation

Sun Salutation

Having your hormones balanced and in check is crucial for pursuing a pregnancy.  It is necessary to have a regular menstrual cycle each month.  There are so many factors that can throw off the hormonal system so I thought it was important to mention a few things.  Proper nutrition is obviously the most critical part of what we put in our bodies.  Eating organic full fat dairy, adequate nourishing fats (coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, grass fed butter, etc.) and conscious choice of meat and poultry that have not been treated with hormones or antibiotics.  A few foods reported to help with natural hormone balance is Golden Milk (see previous blog post and check out jahmu!), bone broth, hemp seeds, wild salmon and evening primrose oil.  

Skip the plastic: many plastics contain endocrine disrupting chemicals like BPA.  Stick with glass or stainless steel for cooking and use a safe reusable water bottle.

For those of you who drink Sports drinks, protein powders and the like, please make sure none of these products contain DHEA - a very common additive in Sports Nutrition supplementation.  DHEA is short for dehydroepiandrosterone and may cause side effects to other hormones.  Hormonal Balance can also be affected by products applied to the skin.  Most skin creams that are "anti-aging", "wrinkle free", "vanishing lines" and the like contain hormones.  Men's products can also contain hormones and a couple that were apparently suggested was AXE and The Body Shop After Shave Balm.  Be wary of what you apply to your skin; try to use only all natural ingredients.

Lastly Sleep !  Sleep is vitally important for hormone balance so make it a top priority to get adequate, restful slumber.

I hope everyone had a peaceful enjoyable Memorial Day weekend.


Conscious Consumption - A few favorites

Not long ago I wrote a blog on the importance of nutritional choices we make to nourish our insides and promote a healthy mind, body and spirit.  When preparing for a pregnancy, food choices are particularly paramount. I have lately discovered and enjoyed a number of natural food finds that I am sharing because sharing is caring !

The Power of Juice:  www.thepowerofjuice.com

Chef Brigid Rafferty hand crafts these incredible cold pressed organically sourced juices, nut milks, pestos and puddings right in Middletown, RI.  Her shop is located on Aquidneck Ave in Middletown or you can find her at the local Farmer's Market.  For those over in South County, a juice shop opened in Wakefield at ALL THAT MATTERS.  I am personally addicted to the Protein Nut Milk! They are delicious, refreshing and have numerous nutritional benefits.

FARM TO GOLD GHEE:  www.farmtogold.com

Lynn Goodwin of Newport, RI has found her passion in making the most delicious spread from the butter of pure grass fed cows.  These cows are nourished by nature, seasonally fed and are touted as "Happy Cows on Grass".  An ancient Ayurvedic staple in cooking and medicine, Ghee can be used anywhere you would use oil (such as olive or coconut) or in place of butter.  Ghee is a nourishing oil and is healing for both the mind and digestive system.

JAHMU CHAI:  www.jahmu.com

Jessica Filkins began making Jahmu after realizing its health benefits during her travels in Indonesia.  Jamu is a traditional Indonesian herbal medicine made from turmeric, ginger, nutmeg and other herbs used to maintain good health as well as prevent disease.  It is a wonderful beverage to combat inflammation and promote healthy digestion.  I personally love it in steamed coconut milk ! 

LOST ART CULTURED FOODS: www.lostartculturedfoods.com

Kaylyn Keane uses local product and naturally occurring wild yeast to product healthy and live cultured foods.  Fermented foods are full of natural probiotics that will nourish your body and promote nutritional well-being.  Lost Art products are raw, never heated and full of beneficial live cultures.  I love the Kraut Chi !

I highly recommend all of these goodies; I have incorporated all of them into my diet.  I especially appreciate that all of the above are hand crafted, made with love and consciousness and are supremely good for you !  

Enjoy !

The Value of Vacation : A Break from Your Energy Fields

Seven Mile Beach ~ Grand Cayman

Seven Mile Beach ~ Grand Cayman

I am sitting in the quiet of Grand Cayman on the eve of my last vacation day appreciating the stillness and space I took to enjoy this time with my family.  I didn't realize how badly I needed the rest, the unplug, the non tasking, the respite from our every day routine until I got here.  Until I wasn't "doing".   Removing myself from all the energy fields I am in constant vibration with.          I think this is the first vacation I have been on where I actually surrendered to being ON vacation ! I didn't use to take vacations.  I worked.  I was too busy.  I didn't budget for any.  I had better things to do.  I felt guilty.  I am really in a state of gratitude for the break and peace.  I have been treating clients and patients for 15 years now.  More than too often do I hear how badly a client needs a vacation or I think to myself, this person could really use a rest.  This is particularly true for couples struggling with fertility issues.  It can overtake everything in life and the stress can be so taxing on the body that it only exacerbates the distress.  I have heard numerous stories of couples deciding to take a vacation - releasing themselves from the pursuit of pregnancy, the duress, getting off the ride so to speak  only to conceive while on a much needed retreat !  While I am not saying this is the magical solution to a fertility struggle, giving the mind, body and spirit utter rest is rejuvenating to the soul and is emotionally nourishing that is very helpful to the hormonal system !  So, if it's been a while since you've taken a vacation...consider the value all around for your relationship, your emotional and mental health and peace it can bring to your spirit when you leave all behind and getaway to just BE or read or stroll or eat or swim or whatever you truly enjoy doing but are restricted by familiar home energy fields.  The older I become, the more I value my time away.  A very familiar cliche is "Life is too Short !"  Yes, life can be very short so take action.  However, life is also very long....so to reach a long part or latter part of your life having taken no action for what you wish you'd taken action on is worse.  Therefore, take a break and make it a habit to separate yourself from the home energy fields.  You will glow much brighter with a good, hearty rest !

Embracing Your Inner Goddess

Women are beautiful complex creatures.  The Divine Feminine or Inner Goddess is often lost or overlooked when in pursuit of conceiving a child especially in one who has been struggling for quite sometime.   A woman can unintentionally abandon herself in the acute focus of becoming pregnant.  I remember when I was journeying thru my fertility path that I was completely unaware of how disconnected I had become with my "womanhood" so to speak.  I was hyper focused on the calendar, my temperature, the ovulation window and the two week wait.  Experiencing failure month after month hits the self esteem hard.  It's difficult to feel sexy or alluring when you feel so dejected getting your undesired cycle month after month.  Women who are pursuing ART cycles are particularly vulnerable because fertility medication can really take the hormones on tour.   I wasn't stopping to embrace my Divine Feminine or Inner Goddess let alone prioritize her !  So ladies, let's get back to basics.  Every day, take an action that is nurturing for your self - whether it's applying a wonderfully fragrant body oil, sitting in meditation energizing your soul, savoring a delicious tea or choosing an empowering mantra that will ignite that special spark within you that makes you female.  Get a facial, a pedicure or a fabulous new date night outfit right after you hit Victoria's Secret.  Stop and appreciate yourself.  Take a good long look in the mirror and smile at the beauty look ing back declare your radiance !  Buy yourself flowers. Get ultra conscious, uber present and LOVE that you are loving on yourself.  Book a massage, get your hair highlighted, buy the pricey smelly good shampoo or get some new makeup.  Yoga is a fantastic practice to breathe, unplug and elongate your body.  Remember you are a woman FIRST.  Nurture her, love her, invest in her.  Being in true touch with your Inner Goddess will lead to more sensual flow, organic intimacy and divine alignment.  

Let Go for Flow

Let go.  Those two words can pack some power.  Let go takes on a whole new meaning especially if you're a woman/couple with a fertility struggle.  Let Go like it's no big deal.  Let go like its as natural as breathing.  Let go can seem like one of the most shallow, inconsequential and quite frankly, downright hurtful things to say to a family member or friend in a conception crisis.  Because unless they have been there, have no idea what they are talking about.  It's like nails on a chalkboard grating on your soul.  This unsolicited advice is well intended but so casually delivered like you can just blink your eyes and poof, you've LET GO and all is well. Nope.                  

That assuredly, will have an adverse effect leaving the person clinging tighter than ever before, likely out of sheer defiance and stubbornness.  I remember well, when my husband and I had medical trauma around my first miscarriage and hearing, "Let Go you'll be fine".  FINE ?!?       What "Let Go" meant to me was, if I "let go", it's never coming back.  Like that lovely helium balloon we all experienced as a child.  Don't go outside with it ! You'll never see it again if you Let Go.  If I "Let Go" of the what if, the fear, the angst I experienced month after month I was letting go of control. Oh Boy.  So that can only mean one thing to replace it with: FAITH.

Let Go has an emotional charge to it when speaking with my fertility clients.  We go over this because those two words are heard so often.  How I approach it is with a straw (preferably Starbucks ha ha) and I take it in my hand and squeeze it.  "Can anything pass thru it?" I ask.  Of course not is the answer.  Well, that is what Let Go really means.  If you want life force to flow , you must let go.   To Let Go does NOT mean you are giving up.  It means you are surrendering with grace to the power of nature to do it's job.  By allowing yourself to Let Go, you are opening yourself to RECEIVE.  Embrace yourself with love and light, take a big breath, exhale and LET GO.   

Mercier Therapy Meets Newport Hospital

I presented Mercier Therapy to the OB/GYN team on Monday, February 1st and was well received with interest and inquiry by the group.  I was understandably ecstatic because this is a really great opportunity to blend our unique and special talents to maximize healing and caregiving to our patients.  I was thrilled to have Newport Hospital pick me up on Twitter and re tweeted my announcement tweet to their followers.  Expanding the awareness that Mercier Therapy is available - is a wonderful asset to healthcare in our Aquidneck Island community!                          

I am really looking forward to developing our professional relationship.  This work will be particularly helpful for doctors to offer when assisting a patient suffering from pelvic pain.  Medication can be helpful but often with unpleasant side effects.  Additionally, medication can not physically mobilize the uterus or the ovaries to restore blood flow and circulation so frequently Mercier Therapy is the missing piece that pulls the whole puzzle together !  I am also looking forward to further expanding our fertility program to the Drs.' knowledge base.                                                          

Dr. Mercier's impressive case study indicating an 83% pregnancy success rate (see link: http://www.merciertherapyofri.com/case-study/) within one year of finishing the program offers a new ray of hope for women and couples struggling to conceive. I feel this is going to be a wonderful collaboration and am just so delighted to implement a strong presence here on the island!

Food Matters

A beautiful bounty of fresh vegetables, cheese and fruit !

A beautiful bounty of fresh vegetables, cheese and fruit !

Food Matters  !  What you put into your body is critical for you overall health, vitality and well being.  The proper foods are medicinal and strengthen your immune system, are healing for an imbalance in the body and the right nutrients can be curative of a particular ailment or condition.

Preparing your body for a healthy pregnancy involves choosing optimal nutrients for proper hormone balance, digestive function and cellular activity.

Here are the top ten things I recommend for readying your body for conception:

1.  Avoid refined sugar and flour as much as possible !  Sugar is highly addictive, wreaks havoc on the immune system, upsets hormonal balance, causes inflammation, fluid retention and can have a toxic effect on the liver.  Most foods containing refined sugar and flour are processed and full of additive and preservatives.  Ditch the fake sugars (Splenda, Aspartame, Equal, etc, diet soda and fruit juice as well.

2. No brainer here - Choose fresh, organic fruit and vegetables whenever possible.  Chem trails are increasing and so is the pesticides, insecticides and herbicides coating our produce.  These toxic villains affect hormonal balance and are just plain noxious to the human body.

3. Choose full fat organic dairy.  Estrogen and progesterone bind to the fat globules.  When the fat is stripped away, androgens, prolactins and male hormones are left that can affect ovulation.  Soft cheeses are off limits as they are often unpasteurized.

4.  Choose free range, organic, grass fed organic meat, poultry and eggs.  This industry is notorious for pumping their animals full of growth hormone, corn (not proper feed) and antibiotics creating sick animals really...this can affect the hormone balance of the body as well.

5. Avoid processed soy...this includes soy milk, chips, burgers, etc.  Soy has estrogen mimicking properties that can affect hormonal balance.  Unfermented soy such as miso and temph are ok.  Those that suffer from hypothyroidism should avoid soy completely.

6. Healthy fats are very important to the metabolic activity and hormonal processes of the body.  Olive oil, avocado, hemp, grass fed butter, coconut oil, almonds, walnuts and raw cacao are wonderful and nourishing fats.

7.  Cold water fish are excellent sources of protein, Vitamin A and minimal fat.  These include wild Alaskan Cod, Halibut and Salmon.  Avoid farm raised fish as they can contain antibiotics and toxic dyes.  Tuna is ok in small amounts; mindfulness of mercury consumption is important.

8.  Minimal coffee - a cup a day is A-ok providing your mug is not the size of a small bucket.  Caffeine can be dehydrating and drying especially to important fluids necessary for conception.  Herbal teas are ultimately a better choice if you can break up with your cup of Joe.  If you need to add a sweetener, organic raw honey in small amounts is ok.

9.  Eliminate alcohol.  It's a bad idea when trying to conceive. Avoid it all together !

10.  Clean, fresh water and lots of it !  Keeping your self well hydrated will keep tissues moist and moving your metabolism along. The most optimal thing to do is to get a water filter and keep a daily fill in a BPA free container.  If buying bottled water, choose VOSS or something else in glass.  The plastics can contain chemicals which are unfavorable to ingest.  Tap water should be avoided due to any contamination from the soil.

Remember, a body sustained with healthy nutrients will optimize fertility.  You truly are what you eat so be mindful of your choices !  Of course indulging occasionally is ok but building a solid food foundation of good choices on a daily basis is paramount for a strong and vigorous baby body!




Top 5 Conditions Mercier Therapy Can Help With

Mercier Therapy is a powerful treatment approach for a myriad of pelvic conditions.  Below, I have notated the top 5 reasons a woman might seek the healing benefits of Mercier Therapy:

1. INFERTILITY : Why a woman is struggling to conceive is often very much a mystery.  Everything can appear normal, be functioning normally and yet nothing is happening.  Mercier Therapy stimulates blood flow and circulation to the ovaries and uterus.  The reproductive organs could quite possibly be mal-positioned, lacking adequate blood nourishment or have pelvic adhesions creating obstruction.  The fallopian tubes may need some blood flushing or the ligaments in the pelvic could be short, tight or out of balance preventing optimal function of the reproductive system.  Mercier Therapy helps to facilitate the best function of the uterus and ovaries.

2. ENDOMETRIOSIS:  A woman suffering from Endometriosis (tissue that grows or transplants itself outside of the uterus on other structures of the body) often experiences terrible pain and discomfort especially around her menstrual cycle.   This can cause painful adhesions, scar tissue and a number of other issues that can affect a woman's quality of life especially if she is trying to conceive.  Mercier Therapy breaks down these adhesions, reduces scar tissue and creates fresh blood flow to the uterus and ovaries thus greatly reducing discomfort and keep her pelvis free flowing and balanced.

3.  PCOS: This condition is rather dynamic with many factors involved.  Mercier Therapy helps to break downs cysts on the ovaries, scar tissue or adhesions around the ovaries and increase circulation to the ovaries, uterus and surrounding structures.

4.  ANNOVULATION:  This issues involves the absence of ovulation.  Mercier Therapy stimulates the ovaries, increase the circulation to these organs "waking them up" and bringing them back into balance and proper positioning.

5.  AMMENORRHEA/DYSMENORREHA:  This condition involves either the lack of a period (amenorrhea) or a painful period (dysmenorrhea).  Mercier Therapy helps to mobilize the uterus, stimulate the endometrial tissue and move fresh blood flow to the uterus.  Actively working on the ovaries stimulates these organs to get their function moving and flowing.  A painful period could mean a uterus is working very hard to expel menstrual blood and needs some mobilization. It could mean the uterus has tension and is not receiving adequate blood flow; there could be cysts. The position of the uterus may not be optimal; Mercier Therapy helps to soften the tissue, encourage new blood to nourish the reproductive organs and ultimately bring harmony to the pelvis.

Mercier Therapy is a fantastic natural option and treatment to conventional medicinal methods that involve drugs and their side effects, needles, excessive co-pays and multiple trips to the clinic !


My Story - The In Between ~ II

It took a long time for me to recover.  I literally bled every day until January.  The Dr. actually put me on birth control pill to help stop the bleeding...but it didn't help.  Every time I went to the bathroom, there was a reminder...and it got to the point where I was feeling anxiety every time I had to go because there was no closure.  There was tension and grief between my husband and I.  I desperately clung to hope and he had withdrawn.  I kept my faith and leaned on the Lord.  I got the green light in late April that moving forward with achieving pregnancy was safe. It was just about this time that my husband found peace and was open to trying again. 

Month after month, I got the BFN. Big.Fat.Negative.  I had become obsessed now with conceiving.  Graphs, charts, temperatures, calendars, sticks, and the like.  If there were apps I had known about, I would have downloaded all those too.  My husband had a meltdown on second beach saying, "It's not supposed to be like this!" "I am not a circus performer!"  Uh oh. I am in the "window" and he's not cooperating.  Another month gone by.  Another month older. The next month, my husband had the nerve to be sick in our "window" !  I remember being mad and resentful instead of considerate and caring.  Of course I did not let him know this, but once again, another opportunity...missed.

I don't recall September or October exactly but I do remember getting a BFP (!!!) Big Fat Positive on Thanksgiving Day 2012 and ecstatically announced it that night at Thanksgiving dinner.  We had gotten pregnant sometime in October.

This new life, new hope, new beginning - was not meant to be.  Again.  Another miscarriage.  On December 1, 2012 I began to bleed.  Absolutely crushed, inconsolable and most of all afraid.  Would my uterus burst again like last time ? Would I never mother my husbands child? Are my insides just too messed up?  Am I being punished?  It felt that way.  The negative and dooming thoughts rolling around in my head were overwhelming.   Interestingly, my "process" only lasted a scant 5 days.  That was it.  I had my HCG levels tested and all resumed to normal rather quickly. 

A week later I was feeling "fertile" or had an intuitive feeling that it was necessary to "get busy" once again. "You can't be fertile!", snorted my husband.  "It's too soon!"  I was convinced I was and needed him to cooperate !  I had to get creative and basically manipulate him with some trashy undergarments to do the baby dance.  It worked !

My Story - The In Between

Remarkably, the day my Dr. told me this devastating news, my body let go immediately and I began the natural process of miscarriage.  I was extremely emotionally sensitive for quite a while following and by the end of October, my body seemed to be returning to "normal".

On Tuesday, November 1, which also happened to be my 2nd wedding anniversary - I was sitting with my Meditation teacher Bob (this happened to be an impromptu session between my therapy clients). I recall looking at my watch and telling him I had 5 minutes before I had to go back to the office.  Within a minute of communicating that, in the blink of an eye, I was suddenly sitting in a puddle.  Alarmed, I jumped up and (sorry for the graphics) the chair was covered in blood.  I bolted to the bathroom, which mercifully was just a few steps away and made it to the toilet.  The blood was pouring, I mean p-o-u-r-i-n-g out of me.   Slumped over on the toilet and just prior to me losing consciousness, I managed to preserve (by flinging it into the sink) the brand new, snow white North Face Fleece jacket my husband had just bought for me.  Because saving the coat was paramount, right? Geesh.

I came to on the flat on my back savoring how cool and wonderful the bathroom tile felt.  There was an EMT smiling over me.  He told me I had lost a lot of blood and my blood pressure was dangerously low and I would be lifted onto a stretcher shortly.  I remember being concerned about him straining his back and that I'll just get up.  Really, Meredith.  A caregiver has such a hard time being cared for !  The ambulance ride was brief and I recall asking incredulously "Are those sirens for me ?!"  "Lights too", says the EMT with a grin.  

We arrived at the ER of Newport Hospital and one of ER nurses that met me in the room I was wheeled into just happened to be one of my clients.  Well, that's how it is when you live on a small island !  I was grateful it was SHE ! and she could not have been more wonderful.   I had a transvaginal ultrasound and it revealed that there was more necrotic placenta attached to my uterus.  What had happened was - some dead tissue or "fetal remains" had detached from my uterus and pretty much tore the lining resulting in the almost massive hemorrhage.  I would need a D & C to clear the rest of my insides up.  That procedure was scheduled 3 days later on Friday.

I was very weak coming out of the D&C.  I learned that my procedure involved a period of "uncontrollable bleeding".  A hemorrhage on the table.  My hemoglobin fell to 5.3 and I had been real close to a blood transfusion.  I had lost a tremendous amount of blood in a very short amount of time.  The Dr. told me getting pregnant would have to wait.  I did not have enough red blood cells to put a load of laundry in let alone resume any kind of pursual of pregnancy.  My husband was traumatized and did think he could go thru anything like this again.  He did not want to try again.  I really can't articulate the ocean of emotions I was feeling at the time.  The ultimate and most resounding one was fear.  Terrorizing fear that I've lost my chance at a love child with my husband.


Mercier Therapy vs. Other Therapies

"Your work is impressive.  I mentioned it on a my Hay House internet radio show.  I love the idea of your doing a documentary on fertility - it's high time.  Blessings"   Christiane Northup, MD

"Your work is impressive.  I mentioned it on a my Hay House internet radio show.  I love the idea of your doing a documentary on fertility - it's high time.  Blessings"

Christiane Northup, MD

In my experience as a Mercier Therapist, quite often questions arise regarding the differences and effectiveness of this therapy compared to other holistic fertility therapies, massages or approaches.

First and foremost, Mercier Therapy is NOT a massage.  Not even a little.  It is a very specific gynovisceral technique manipulating the ovaries and uterus.  There is an exact protocol involved and a time frame in which to complete the work.  Mercier Therapy is a very straightforward and sensical approach to the structure of the body; aiding in the restoration of the organ to optimal function, balance and performance.  

Unlike other therapy systems or programs, Mercier Therapy involves extensive medical training and education around pathology, procedures, medications, labs, endocrinology and physiology of the reproductive system.  Mercier Therapists often partner with a medical professional to achieve the best possible patient/practitioner relationship results.

Mercier Therapy is currently the only holistic Fertility protocol that has a published case study indicating an 83% success rate (see case study here: http://www.merciertherapyofri.com/case-study/) based on evidence AND a Film Documentary (FERTILITY: The Shared Journey with Mercier Therapy) soon available to the public.

I would say one of the biggest differences between Mercier Therapy and other approaches was this work was created by Dr. with a rather unusual number of impressive credits and field experience.  Dr. Jennifer Mercier is not only a Ph.D, but an ND, a LMT AND a Midwife !  Dr. Mercier worked in a reproductive clinic for years and studied surgeons and how they worked with the reproductive organs internally.  Dr. Mercier observed the mobility - or lack thereof - of the uterus and ovaries.  She was able to use all of her "gifts" really - to construct a method and a technique to help women with fertility issues and pelvic pain with astounding success !  I don't believe there is any other professional that comes close to her expertise in the Holistic field.

Another key difference between working with a Mercier Therapist compared to other therapists regarding fertility is a Mercier Therapist offers unlimited support, advocacy and guidance throughout the whole one year program.  It is truly a very comforting, encouraging and involved program that truly pursues success for the patient.

Finally, Mercier Therapy is recognized and endorsed by a number of professionals in the medical community; most notably internationally known physician and best selling author, Christiane Northup, MD.

Dr. Jennifer Mercier and her creation of Mercier Therapy is groundbreaking and revolutionary work in Women's Healthcare.

TOP 5 Reasons to use Mercier Therapy

Mercier Therapy is a very unique and beneficial therapy whether you have a fertility issue or pelvic dysfunction (pain, trauma, pathology, etc.)

Recently I was asked what my top five reasons for having Mercier Therapy would be.  Here they are :

1.  Mercier Therapy is NATURAL.  No drugs, no needles, no compromise to the integrity of the body or reproductive organs.  Mercier Therapy is a gentle and practical external manipulation of the ovaries and uterus that restores mobility and blood flow to the reproductive organs thus optimizing their function.

2.  Mercier Therapy is EFFECTIVE.  Mercier Therapy has proven results in achieving conception, reduction of pain due to scar tissue and adhesion, endometriosis, PCOS, sexual trauma and much more.  The protocol requires 6 hours of pelvic work (once a week for 6 weeks) so therapy is brief and very efficient !

3. Mercier Therapy is SAFE.  Mercier Therapy has little to no side effects!  A little tenderness may result otherwise this work is completely non invasive to the patient.

4.  Mercier Therapy is GENTLE.  Mercier Therapy is a slow and methodical manipulation of the uterus, ovaries and surrounding structures of the pelvis.  

5.  Mercier Therapy is AFFORDABLE.  Whether pursuing the Shared Journey Fertility Program or the Visceral Manipulation Program, Mercier Therapy is a fraction of the cost of IUI, IVF and visits to a clinic that may involve large out of pocket expense, co-pays, medications and/or time off from work. 

Mercier Therapy is truly a wholesome and logical approach to fertility and pelvic pain.


My Story - The Beginning

When you are struggling with something, I think it's helpful to hear another's story that might relate to what you are experiencing.  Identifying with another can bring comfort, inspiration and hope.  It also can ease feelings of loneliness, isolation and most of all, sadness because there is sharing...and sharing is caring.

While I did not struggle with "infertility" per se, I did experience a rather very rocky road to my now 2 year old son Leo.  I will share this story in detail over several blog posts intermingled with interesting Mercier Therapy topics.


Shortly before I married my childless husband in 2009, he announced he had a change of heart and mind and was no longer interested in having children.  At all.  I was devastated but accepted his wishes.  I mourned this "loss" for quite some time but ultimately had to surrender because I was robbing myself of  living let alone living happily.

It was an early Friday morning in January of 2011 when my husband came over to me not yet out of bed yet.  "I want to have a baby", he says.  Surely he must have just said he has rabies.  How could this be ?  "I want to have a baby" , he says again.   He had my attention and I told him I was listening.  Intently.

We got pregnant in July of 2011 without even "trying".  We hear this a lot, don't we ? It always seems to happen when there is zero effort involved.  When there are no graphs, charts, sticks, thermometers, calendars and so forth.    I was training for my 13th Figure (bodybuilding) competition and couldn't (at the time) understand why on Earth my physique was not changing the way it was supposed to or usually does.  I really should not have gotten on stage not being as lean as I should have been.   I am sure my trainer thought I was secretly downing donuts.  Remarkably, I placed and was off to Maine for a post show summer vacation and it was there I discovered I was pregnant.

At the end of September, the 28th to be exact, I was just about 11 weeks along and we excitedly went in for an ultrasound.  I remember the gaze of the technician staring at the screen.  It was a peculiar gaze; she was focusing very hard as I chattered away requesting a photo of our little bean.  She gave me a couple of pictures and stepped out of the room.  Not long after she returned and told me that my  Dr. (OB) was on the phone.  

"Meredith".  Her voice was kind but firm. "There is no heartbeat". The baby I had prayer for - for so long was not meant to be.  The Dr. told me my body would naturally 'take care of itself' and I don't recall what else she said other than her condolences, I was deafened by my own sobs.  My husband grabbed the photos and threw them in the trash.  

Tis The Season

December 1, 2015

Here we are at the last month of the year.  From this point on, time usually gallops.  The hustle and bustle of holiday decorating, shopping, cards, posting of parcels and all sorts of baking.  Usually a most magical time of year when the collective energy is at a high vibration and there is much cheer.  Despite the merriness, there is also suffering and sadness...those who have lost a loved one during the course of the year, have a dear one a far distance or away in the military, a recovering addict struggling with holiday and/or family festivities, those silently suffering with a fertility challenge and many many other reasons.  This time of year stirs up many feelings on many levels.  Be the light.  You never know who's day you are brightening and may not even know it...and it may be the only light they see that day.

 It was on this day 3 years ago, my second miscarriage began.  The devastation was crushing and thru my ocean of tears, got on my knees and thanked God because I knew it was part of His Master plan.  It was one of the hardest and humbling things I've ever done but being a woman of Faith, knew it was for a reason I was unaware of at the time.   Another piece of my story.  I will most assuredly tell it from beginning to end!  Here's to a wonderful and bright start to December.  Be the light.  Be Blessed !

Happy Thanksgiving 2015

This is my very first blog entry....ever !  I do love to write and there will be much more to come.  As I sit and reflect upon my abundant blessings, gratitude and humble thanks for so many things, I can't help but remember the joy and excitement I felt getting a positive pregnancy result on Thanksgiving Day 2012 after a rather rocky road to achieving a pregnancy.  This pregnancy would be our second loss only a week later.  Ultimately, it was a blessing and in the weeks to come I will share why.  Even in the depths of darkness and devastation, a quiet hand is at hand with a plan.  Having faith, belief in yourself and the sheer will to soldier on challenges the best of us.  But we do it and there will always be someone who is inspired or motivated by your story.  You never know who you are helping with your life experience.  I am going to start with my story and let you know why Mercier Therapy and the Shared Journey Fertility Program holds a special place in my heart.  Stay tuned.